Why my hotspot is not showing on other devices?

Are you want to know why my hotspot is not showing on other devices? A mobile hotspot is used to share the internet connection via Wi-Fi signals. These signals are caught by the other devices using Wi-Fi and the internet connection is shared. But sometimes the problem occurred that the mobile hotspot is not showing on the other devices.

What is Hotspot?

A hotspot is a physical location where people can access the internet, using WIFI, via a wireless network with a router connected to an internet service provider. Most people refer to these locations as “Wi-Fi connections”.

What is a Mobile hotspot?

A mobile hotspot is also called a portable hotspot. You can create a mobile hotspot by using your mobile phone data connection to connect your laptop to the internet. This process is called “tethering”.

Using your Mobile as a hotspot

why my hotspot is not showing on other devices

 If you are in a location where a hotspot is not available and you want to connect another device to the internet then you can use your phone as mobile Wi-Fi hotspot through which a process called tethering. This allows another device to access the internet and share your mobile data connection.

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Mobile hotspot not showing up on the other devices

Sometimes there is a problem that occurs due to which our mobile hotspot is not showing up on other devices. So here we discussed the factors why my hotspot is not showing on other devices.

Usually, there are only two frequencies at which a Wi-Fi network is transmitted. They are either transmitted at 2.40GHz or 5GHz. There are various other pieces of stuff and electrical appliances that operate at 2.40GHz which includes microwaves too. Hence, these factors cause disturbance in the strong signals.

The one issue is also that Mobile hotspot devices only support using WPS security. Verify that the mobile hotspot feature is turned on. Check that the connectivity device’s Wi-Fi is turned on. Update to the latest version of all devices.

Restart the hotspot or the mobile phone. Or also restart this device on which you want to connect to the hotspot. Delete the Wi-Fi profile connecting to the other devices on which the hotspot is not shown.

Or the reason is that you’ve created a hidden Wi-Fi network. No one can see your hotspot when you turned it on. If you have created a hidden network then no one can see your hotspot on the available network. However, they can connect by manually adding your wi-fi network details in windows by using the control panel and in android by using the Wi-Fi setting.

How to fix this missing hotspot

If your hotspot not showing then try out these steps by checking that you’re your hotspot is not showing on other devices

Hotspot requires a cellular network connection, such as 4G. Resetting the connection of cellular data may bring back a missing hotspot that is not showing on the other devices.

Open setting > System > Reset option

Tap Reset network setting > Reset setting or also you find options like this

Reset mobile, wi-fi & Bluetooth > reset setting.

Restarting the phone is a simple and easy troubleshooting tip that, is easy to perform. To start your mobile phone, hold the power and volume button at the same time till then your mobile logo does not appear on the screen when it appeared then hope it resolved the issue.

Check the updates of the versions because missing hotspots also occur due to the older version that’s why it causes a bug for proceeding with the hotspot. Check the updates if it is available then fix it and install it might be fixed your hotspot issue which is appeared.

A missing hotspot may cause due to a problem with the setting that controls the mobile access to the cellular network setting. It also might be a great reason for not showing the hotspot on the other devices. Reset these settings and after refreshing might be considered that your problem is solved.

Setting > General > Reset > Reset > Network setting

If you are using a domain name setting (DNS), turning it off also helps to show up the hotspot on the other devices.

Open setting > Connections > More connection setting

Tap private DNS (Domain name setting) to turn off your DNS server.

Newer phones can broadcast data faster over a network because they use a 5GHz frequency band. But the device on which you want to connect the hotspot has a low level of frequency band then you may need to switch to a lower frequency band for your hotspot to work properly.

Open settings > Connection > Mobile Hotspot & threating. If you don’t find connection option then try setting > network & internet > Mobile Hotspot & threating

Tap Mobile Hotspot > configure > band or wi-fi hotspot

Tap AP band > 5GHz if 5GHz is selected, tap 2.4GHz.

These are some steps following which you can recover the problem-related hotspot which is occurred.


In simple words, the answer to why my hotspot is not showing on other devices? Is that it causes due to different reasons like frequency band, weak signals strengths, and many others, etc. you can fix it by following the steps that we discussed above.

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