What is a Dedicated Graphics Card Laptop?

If you are involved in graphic design, then might be you want to know about What is a Dedicated Graphics Card Laptop before buying the best computer or laptop for graphic design.

What is a graphic card?

What is a Dedicated Graphics Card Laptop

A graphic card is an extension card for your computer or PC that is responsible for providing images to display. A graphic card is sometimes referred to as a graphic processing unit, but in reality, GPU is just a component of the graphic card.

Modern graphic cards are extremely experienced devices that in some ways behave like a stand-alone computer. It makes the computer more powerful and allows it to perform more high-level work. 

The quality of the image depends upon the quality of the graphic card. Every game needs a graphic memory to start and how much it is required depends upon the type and quality of the game. That’s why gaming laptops or video editing laptops have high-quality graphic cards that work properly.

What is a dedicated graphics card laptop?

What is a Dedicated Graphics Card Laptop

A dedicated graphic card laptop is that which is separated from the CPU and has its dedicated memory. It comes separate from the CPU. Dedicated graphic cards convey better performance but it uses more power, cost more expensive, and are more commonly founded on desktops as compared to computer. 

 A dedicated graphics card has its PCB (Process control block), memory, and cooling solution, and, as a result, it is not limited in its potential power.

It is a piece of hardware used to manage the graphic performance of a system or computer. It is sometimes also called video cards or discrete graphics.

How does it work?

A computer can either have a dedicated graphics card with Random access memory (RAM) or an integrated system where the graphics stuff or components are part of the processor (CPU). The computer can be customized to either choose on the fly which method works better for the current application or the user can select manually which system to use.

In simple dedicated graphic card enhance the performance of the computer or laptop and ready the system to perform high-level tasks efficiently. And give more memory to perform better. Because the dedicated graphics card has its memory or means to say RAM and its is don’t use the system memory (RAM) that’s why it performs multitasking easily.

Is a dedicated graphics card is needed?

Above all the discussion it means that we all needed the dedicated graphic cards for better usage. No integrated cards which are already present in laptops and systems are enough or fine for

  • Word Processing
  • Office work 
  • For Browsing
  • For watching Netflix
  • And other similar tasks which are not hardware intensive

So, for what activities or tasks do we need the dedicated graphic cards? So, these are used to perform these types of activities which are hardware intensive and used more memory or simply means to say high-level tasks. These tasks perform better by using the dedicated graphic card

  • Gaming
  • Graphic Designing
  • 3D Modeling
  • Video editing
  • And other similar tasks which are intensive to the hardware

Choosing the right graphic cards laptop

Many factors decided which type of dedicated card is helpful for our laptop. So here have I discussed some factors by keeping in mind when choosing a graphic card

  • Which type of application or program do you want to run? The first phase is that you decide your plan about that which type of work you required if your work-related hardware is intensive then you must require a dedicated graphics card for your laptop. However, if you are using it for general purposes like searching, watching movies, and school work then there is no need to take a dedicated graphic card because for this purpose integrated cards are enough.
  • The second important thing is the budget. It is the most important factor when you invest in a dedicated graphics card. Because dedicated graphic cards are more expensive and also you need to pair them with a costly CPU for top performance so what are your the most demanding factors before investing in the dedicated graph card?
  • A dedicated graph card uses more power and will consume your laptop battery life faster. A dedicated graph card may also increase your laptop temperature so for this you need to be an external cooling pad for cooling the system continuously.

Pros and Cons of dedicated graphic card

A dedicated graph card has its memory source for this reason it does not depend upon the system RAM. This means that dedicated graph card laptops delivered clear graphics easily, enabling video editing and also the best experience of gaming.

The drawback related to the dedicated graphic card is that it consumes more power and battery, is expensive, and also it is produced heat Some of their attributes tend to drawbacks.


Are you choosing to describe how much you want to use 3D modeling, Gaming, and video editing and what are your other requirements? If your requirements are rounded in these then you will be best served by the dedicated graphic cards.

Simply means that for performing high-level tasks it is required or for low-level tasking doesn’t need dedicated graph cards.

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