Best Gaming Laptop for Teenager

Are you a teenager who loves to game? , Gaming laptops are becoming more and more popular, as they offer a great way to combine mobility with performance. If you’re a teenager who loves gaming, then it can be tough to know which laptop is the best for you. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best gaming laptops for teenagers. We’ll highlight what to look for when choosing a gaming laptop, and give you some recommendations based on our findings. So, whether you’re looking for a budget option or something more high-end, we’ve got you covered!

Let’s take a look at some of the things to consider when choosing a gaming laptop for teenagers. You might want to read our individual reviews or head straight over to Amazon as we have listed the best Gaming laptops for you!

Gaming Laptop Size

The first thing you’re going to want to consider is size. There are two main sizes that gaming laptops come in: big and less-big. A gaming laptop that is less-big is going to be easier to take around on the go than one of those massive 15 inch computers.

This brings up another thing you want to consider: portability. If you’re looking for a laptop for your teenager, then it’s pretty likely they’ll need something more portable . So while a large screen size might look appealing , it might not be worth sacrificing mobility if they plan on taking their laptop with them wherever they go.

You also want to consider what type of games they play before deciding how big their computer needs to be, as bigger screens mean better performance when playing games that require lots of graphical power.

Look Out For These Specs

In addition to size, you might also want to consider some tech specs. The CPU and GPU are two things that power a laptop and they basically define how powerful the computer is and what it can do. Generally speaking, laptops with more powerful CPUs and GPUs will work better for gaming than those with less-powerful specs.

The CPU is basically the brain of a computer and it helps power Windows, makes sure apps open when you tell them to , and keeps track of everything going on in your computer . The higher end CPUs are typically more powerful, so they will be able to run games better.

The GPU is basically a graphics card that tells your monitor what to display. So a more powerful graphics card means a better gaming experience.

Most laptops come with integrated GPUs, which tend to be weaker than the dedicated GPUs. This is important because you’ll want a separate GPU if you plan on playing games that require high graphical specs. That being said, integrated GPUs have gotten so good nowadays, that they’re still able to run some of the most power hungry games out there.

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Weight Of The Laptop

The weight of your laptop is also an important factor to consider when choosing a gaming laptop for teenagers . If you plan on taking it with you everywhere, then you don’t want something too heavy that will make it difficult to carry around. Generally speaking, the lighter the computer, the better. You can get lightweight laptops in any size category though, so just because it’s small doesn’t mean it’ll be light!

You might also want to consider durability since teenagers are usually pretty hard on their stuff . A lot of gamers will buy special backpacks or cases for their laptop, but if your teen just throws everything in their bag without any protection , you’re probably better off getting a more durable laptop that can stand up to some bumps and bruises.

The screen is another important factor to consider when it comes to durability . Do you want something with an anti-glare screen? This will help make the computer easier on your teenager’s eyes if they plan on using their laptop in bright lit areas. And, if the kids are anything like my little brother, they’ll spend hours watching Youtube videos on their laptops. So don’t forget about the screen quality !

Battery Life And Charging Time

Another thing to keep in mind is battery life . A lot of people think that since gaming requires high end hardware , then laptops won’t last long before dying. Well, that’s not necessarily true! Many models come with very powerful hardware that can last for hours when playing games, but if your teen plans on taking their computer outside and doing some work, you might want something with better battery life.

A lot of gaming laptops take a couple hours to fully charge , so you’ll want to consider how long it takes before the laptop is ready to go. The longer you have to wait, the less likely they will be able to use their computer when they need it most .

What’s Their Plan?

Before buying anything for them, make sure you know what kind of gamer they are. If all they plan on doing is surfing the web and sending emails, then there’s no point in getting them a super expensive high end machine that has several terabytes of storage .

But, if they’re constantly playing games, then you’ll want something that has at least 16GB of memory and a powerful CPU. And if they plan on doing any video editing or graphics design, make sure the laptop comes with a dedicated GPU because integrated GPUs are typically not powerful enough to handle those types of tasks.

Also, make sure to ask them what they plan on doing with the computer after they buy it. Do they want an external mouse and keyboard? If so, you’ll probably have to upgrade their laptop’s USB ports to support those accessories. And if you have multiple people using one PC, maybe consider getting a monitor or wireless display system so everyone can see what they’re doing at the same time.

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to finding the best gaming laptop for teenagers . But by following these tips and tricks, hopefully you’ll be able to narrow down your search and find one that fits all of your budget and requirements.


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